Directorate of Health and Social Welfare, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, and based on the Strategic and Political Guidelines of the Mayor ,within the scope of its activity, exercises and is responsible for undertaking specific measures and activities to achieve the health and social objectives of the Municipality of Prishtina;

Assesses local health needs;

Drafts the budget in accordance with the local needs and legal provisions in force;

Implement primary health care by giving priority to the implementation of preventive measures, through the implementation of the concept of family medicine;

Adopts norms and standards of infrastructure and human resources according to legal acts adopted by MSH and MPMS;

Decides and takes the payments within the frame declared by the ministry .

Determines local priorities and objectives based on information, in accordance with the primary health care strategy;

Provides social services and care, for social cases of the population within the territory of the municipality;

Cares for the right of having, developing and using the property, for the purpose of providing social housing for persons within the territory of the municipality;

Cooperates with relevant ministries for the establishment and implementation of health and social protection policies, for the categories of vulnerable children, and all other vulnerable groups at the local level through the CSW;
Exercises other competencies and responsibilities that derive from the special laws, the Statute of the Municipality, subordinate legal acts delegated by the central government;

Supervises the epidemiological situation at the municipal level;

Collects and analyzes information in the health and social field at the local level;

Coordinates and supervises the work of QKMF, QMF and health ambulances;

Organizes awareness campaigns with governmental and non-governmental organizations and drafts cooperation agreements in the field of health and social affairs;

Coordinates and supervises the work of Social Work Center;

Reports on the provision of health and social services and municipal achievements in this area;

Proposes the level of rent and the establishment of the level of release from payment of rent for premises in ownership;

Drafts proposals for exemptions from services to citizens, if the schemes are based on the criteria of the open target to the public and in accordance with the applicable law;

Identifies the nature and extent of the need for social and family services within the territory of the municipality;

Prepares annual plans for the development and promotion of social and family services and maintains statistical data;

Cares for providing shelter for homeless;

Undertakes actions to provide sufficient funds for the continuous professional upgrading of health and social professionals through specific training, in accordance with applicable legal acts

Cares about the public health system through family medicine services and tracks the health status of citizens in the territory of the municipality;

Drafts the primary health care strategy based on identified needs at the local level, prioritizing preventive measures, and respecting the health status, age, sex and the economic and social position of citizens and the conditions and opportunities in providing healthcare; technological and medical conditions, distance and geographic configuration, as well as the structure and composition of primary health care institutions;

Takes preventive measures for early detection and diagnosis, treatment, healing and rehabilitation of diseases, disorders and injuries, including minor surgical interventions;

Organizes and implements the immunization process, in accordance with the legislation in force, as one of the basic measures of public health care;

Takes care of the advancement of the health of children, youth and other vulnerable groups;

Takes care of the progress of reproductive health;

Promotes oral health and basic dental care as well as mental health, in accordance with advanced methods;

It cares for the preservation and promotion of the public health of the citizens of the municipality, through preventive activities, such as: promotion of a healthy lifestyle, health education, undertaking of general measures against epidemics and prevention, such as: spatial disinsectisation, deratization and disinfection, controlling the environment, controlling the cause, as well as the prevention of diseases, disorders, injuries and conditions of medical social significance;

Develops vocational training programs for health workers through "Continuous Professional Development" in order to increase the quality of health care

Cooperates with secondary and tertiary health care, in accordance with the legislation in force;

Ensures the provision of social and family services within the territory of the municipality, according to standards set by the ministries ;

Assesses the family needs at the municipal level, and monitors the social situation in the territory of the municipality;

Takes care of providing social assistance and social assistance services to families ,in accordance with the legislation in force;

Ensures qualitative socio-household services for vulnerable categories of the population and those protected by law

Provides social and family services within the territory of the municipality through activities of the Center for Social Work ,or provides funding or any other material assistance to non-governmental organizations involved in this activity;

Cooperates with local and international partners to strengthen human capacities and improve the quality of socio-household services;

Cooperates with ministries for the provision, distribution and maintenance of statistics, information and confidentiality of families receiving social and family services, according to the legislation in force;

Provides optimal funding for continuous training of social professionals in order to enhance services.

Performs other work, in accordance with the applicable laws within the activity area of the Directorate.

For the purpose of exercising the functions defined by the legal provisions in force, the Directorate of Health and Social Welfare is organized in these sectors:
1. Health Sector;
2. Sector for Social Welfare.