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Directorate of Agriculture


Conducts and implements agricultural development policies, plowing, farming, vegetables and fruits cultivating ,and beekeeping.

Prepares annual production plans and reports, and conveys their realization for autumn and spring planting, harvesting and collection of agricultural goods;

Conducts scientific achievements in farming and forms statistical tabloid statements;

Conducts the implementation of annual farming development plans;

Conducts and participates in the designing of programs and plans for the protection and development of forests in the territory of the municipality;

Keeps track of untreated land, land used for exploitation  and for the land to which the intended use has been changed;

Cooperates and exchanges information with the ministry, in accordance with the applicable laws;

Provides sowing material for farmers, so as to enable them to resume work through commercial banks, and to explore forms of lending for stimulating and advancing livestock production;

Coordinates and cooperates with agricultural cooperatives as well as with NGOs that support agricultural activities;

Organizes trainings in the field of agriculture;

Coordinates and supervises hunting activities;

Provides support to farmers through the provision of professional advice, as well as finding donors and investors;

Cares for the preservation of agricultural land and supports the villagers;

Takes care of improving the quantity and quality of agricultural products, as well as providing donations and investments for the development of rural areas;

Performs other work, in accordance with applicable laws within the area of ​​activity of the Directorate.


For the purpose of exercising the functions defined by the legal provisions in force, the Directorate of Agriculture is organized in these sectors: 

1. Sector for Agriculture.