Department of Procurement

Department of Procurement in the Municipality of Pristina

Acting chief of Department

Visar Shehu 


Description of duties of Procurement Department

  • Does the prequalification of suppliers, preparation of bidding documents (invitation for bids, requests for quotations and requests for proposals) and their issuance, administration of tenders, monitoring of procurement process, preparation of public opening of bids and preparation of reports,
  • Responsible for classifying  relevant documents and does maintenance of the technical library,
  • Maintains an updated list of contractors and suppliers. This information can be kept locally or by the databases of the AQF and Central Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Public Services. Through AQF, provides that all suppliers or appointed Kosovo agents are registered and are taxpaying units, on the contrary, they cannot be considered for participation in any bidding or quotation procedure,
  • Provides that goods and services are procured in the most economical, efficient and effective way. To prepare open specifications, to provide equal treatment and competition between all suppliers, 
  • Organizes the procedure of quotation and tender depending on estimated price according to the financial limits approved,
  • Assists in arranging of procedures and creating of committees for evaluation,
  • With expiration of evaluation process and administrative process, he prepares the contract and issues an order for purchase,
  • Assists in monitoring and execution of contracts and purchase orders,  
  • Follows the distribution of goods and services according to the agreement,
  • Controls the bill according to the contract with notes of received goods,
  • Also conduct other duties dealing with procurement.