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Directorate of Culture

 The Directorate of Culture, within its competences and authorizations,it is responsible and carries out planned activities, guided by the local and cultural resources of the Municipality of Prishtina; 

Plans and proposes the budget accounts of the directorate, within the organization of the municipal administration budget; 

Organizes and ensures to mark important dates, and those with historical values; 

Organizes debates with civil society and state members, in order to advance, develop and promote culture; 

In accordance with the legal responsibilities, he leads: Dodona Theater, Municipal Library "Hivzi Sulejmani", City Stadium etc; 

Compiles, reviews and changes the juridical actions of civil-legal relations, regarding cultural objects in the Municipality of Prishtina;  

Cooperates with the Ministry for realization of projects in the field of culture;  

Takes care about the cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality (religious buildings, institutional facilities and residential homes of historical and architectural value) and other structures that testify history as historical material resources. The Directorate of Culture, together with MKRS and donors, care for their maintenance and restoration,in accordance with the cultural assets identification of the Municipality of Prishtina 

Promotes and encourages cooperation with other cities of the Republic of Kosovo and other countries, in accordance with the policies of the state of Kosovo, in order to enable a genuine integration of cultures and exchange of experiences in the interest of cultural development; 

Researches and provides support for clubs and associations as well as individuals with special creative skills in the field of culture, and gives them support,with full transparency and without discrimination 

Performs other work, according to applicable laws within the area of ​​activity of the Directorate, 

For the purpose of exercising the functions defined by the legal provisions in force, the Directorate of Culture is organized in these sectors:

1. Sector of Culture;

2. Sector for Tourism